Frequently asked Questions


Why do I need to know who my ancestors were?

 You do not necessarily need to know who your ancestors were. You may be curious or you may not, but some future descendant of yours may one day have a dream of knowing who his or her ancestors were. By that time they may not have the key information to begin any research.


Who am I dealing with?

It is very important to commission a trustworthy genealogist to undertake research on your behalf. You should make sure that the persons you are dealing with have the required reputation and recommendations by the competent authorities including state and ecclesiastical bodies. We have gained the above reputation over the decades.


Where do I begin?

 Our archives are based on marriages. Therefore, to begin research, we would require any information at your disposal which may lead us into finding at least one marriage which took place in Malta or Gozo. Name, dates and locations are most important.


What sources do you use?

 We own the largest private collection of family history records on the Islands, with well over 400 volumes of informative material which include all the marriages which took place in Malta and Gozo since the 16th Century. We give the best and most accurate results available. Apart from our archives we also do research through other sources such as Civil and Parish records, Census returns and notary acts.


How far back can I go?

 The oldest records available date back to the year 1545, when it became compulsory for all Parishes to begin registering all Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths. Therefore, it would be almost impossible to trace one’s ancestors beyond this date. On the other hand, we may not be able to go back a full 400 years for various reasons.


How accurate are your findings?

With all the material we have available in-house we are capable of furnishing you with the most accurate results. We own two separate archives which enable us to counter check our findings. Apart from our indexes, the books we have available also include over a hundred reference books, most of which were compiled over 200 years ago, thus making research even more accurate. Our reports may be confirmed by ordering Parish certificates.


How long will it take to find out my ancestors?

It could take from a week to several weeks to conclude, depending on our findings. We do sometimes find conflicting information which unfortunately could bring us to a halt.


What would the final result be?

You will receive a printed report which would include the names of both spouses, their respective parents and the date and place of marriage – for each generation. If you would like any additional information / documentation, we will do our best to satisfy your requests.


How much would the cost be?

 The cost of a direct line family tree is very affordable, more or less the same price one would pay for a dinner for two.


How do I pay?

On completion of our research, we will advice you of the results as well as the amount due. Our preferred method of payment for overseas’ clients is through PAYPAL. You may use your credit card to effect payment. Western Union Money Transfer is also accepted. Any other suggestions are welcome.