Genealogy Services – MALTA, is a family run business offering family research

services to various clients both locally as well as overseas. 

The story goes back several decades when Don Gio Carlo Muscat from  

the village of Zebbug in Malta was in search of an efficient indexing system

which could provide family links through the already existing Parish Records. He

then began the painstaking process of manually copying the tens of thousands

of  marriage acts found in the Parishes of Malta and Gozo which date back to the

year 1560.

Needless to say, this was a very long process which took an endless amount of

years to conclude. With the help of other individuals, he began grouping the

marriages by surname and village forming an indexing system, consequently

making research easier. The main scope of this system was and still remains

that of compiling family tree charts.

All together Don Carlo Muscat wrote no less than 250 volumes of informative  

material, each volume having around 1000 pages. After his death in 1942, his

niece Mary Anne Muscat took over until 1980 when Mary Lanfranco, a cousin of

Mary Anne was asked to carry on the mission, which she gladly accepted. By the

mid 90’s, Mary’s husband Antoine became involved as well. It was then that the

need was felt to update the marriages found in the archives which had not been

updated for the previous 60 years.

Today, the ‘Lanfranco’ archives are made up of over 400 volumes of reference

books making it the largest collection of family history records on the Maltese islands.